I was party Patriotic Youth Movement Central Africans (MPJCA.), A civic organization born in pain hard and indescribable suffering inflicted on the Central African people and that all citizens of Africa and elsewhere by the conspiracy called the “Seleka” under the responsibility of Mr. Michel Djotodia and its many acolytes.

Since December 10, 2012, the coalition has steadily Seleka discard opprobrium on the Central African people with looting, pillaging, destruction of houses and buildings, the systematic dispossession of individuals of their property, rape of women and girls, vile murders and other unspeakable atrocities. Nobody is supposed to ignore that violence used as power management methods creates resistance and eventually the popular uprising. That is why the Central Youth has taken its responsibility in June 2013 to organize every 18 hours pans concerts in the eight districts of Bangui and Bimbo and the municipalities of Begoua to present his vis-à-vis discontent Djotodia.

There were also leaflets they had published and distributed in the city of Bangui to demand the resignation of Djotodia and calling the dead city. We were the first to say loud what others fail to say or to report because they were afraid of losing their lives. There were journalists such as Julien Bella’s Centrafric Morning, Landry Ngokpele the Daily Bangui and Maka Gbokossoto the Citizen that for trying to expose the horrors of Djotodia were summoned and threatened all day in the premises of the famous CEDAD ( political police) of Nouraldine Adam. I narrowly escaped being arrested. This is how I found myself at the base where the M’poko MISCA located. I stayed there for seven months. Many of my fellow comrades were killed by Nouraldine. That is what we are democrats, supporters of logical freedom fighter and fight paid. I wanted to thank me Zarambaud Assingambi (rest his soul), Rigo Beya PARSET Me, Me Zoumalde, Mathias Morouba Me, Me Douzima Edith, and all the press for the fight for freedom. Why does not she RCA happens you to stabilize? The current socio-political forces us to reflections in consultations in order to find appropriate solutions to this unprecedented crisis output. In politics, of two evils choose the lesser should therefore imperative that is needed is to go a dialogue for stability and return us to be totally honest to ourselves.